Thursday, January 26, 2006

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Steve Allen Profile 09/08/2002
H.G. Wells & Empire of the Ants 10/06 /2002
Penn's Hard Woods (Pennsylvania Forests, from Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine)10/20/2002

Christmas 1951 (unpublished fiction) 12/15/2002

THE MAN WHO LOVED MOVIES: Francois Truffaut profile (Rolling Stone)
and "Aesthetics of the Double Feature: 01/26 /2003

Summer at the O'Neill with August Wilson and other playwrights (Smithsonian m) 06/01/2003

Andy Warhol Museum (atelier International Art Magazine) 08/31 /2003

CHILDREN OF THE BLACKLIST (new version; part from Washington Newsworks) 09/07/2003

Christmas at Greengate Mall (The Malling of America) 12/21/2003

A Working Class Hero (In Pittsburgh) and A Letter from Berkeley 1969 (View from the Bottom) /01/04/2004
Why is there a Best Actress Award? (LA Times) 02/15/2004

Traffic Koans 2004/03/28
Day Before Day After Tomorrow (SF Chronicle Insight) 2004/05/23
The Library Builder ( North Coast Journal & unpublished) 9/26/2004

ART AND SOUL (series of columns, "Tales", In Pittsburgh); ARTIST IN GRAY FLANNEL SUIT (New York Daily News Magazine); Awake: Art, Buddhism and Consciousness (Urthona Magazine, UK) 3/06/2005

In Praise of Live Theatre (In Pittsburgh), The Price of Art (In Pittsburgh), RUNNING ON ICE: Young Artists in Pittsburgh (for Pittsburgh Magazine) 3/13/2005